Analytics and SWOT

First off I would like to say I have never used google analytics before and I can totally see the benefits. It shows you what time someone looked at the site, how long they viewed it, what location by country they saw it from. IT’S SO COOL !!

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.45.41 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.13.05 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.13.43 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.13.53 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.14.04 pm.pngScreen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.25.23 pm.png

I think it’s safe to say I am better at websites than social media. I know that  the Australian visiters are most likely me but there’s like 4.35% in Quezon City which means someone else has actually looked at my work!!

The results also say that 62.7% of views were new meaning that poeple are actually looking at it and some of them are even returning!

SWOT Table


has many different services




not a well known company that could potentially hinder the amount of customers that dinfosec may get.



there are lots of different consulting companies that have the same services and are more well known





there is a dissatisfaction with the way big companies handle people’s privacy being a small business dinfosec has an opportunity to give people the privacy that they feel they get from small businesses and the available information and networking that people get from big companies.


Analytics and SWOT

Hosting Complications

Well I can’t say it was a surprise career advocate had hosting problems but I didn’t even know that hosting companies only allowed their customers access to the content of their website and nothing else. Apparently SwardFox does.

As a solution I asked the client to choose a different hosting service that would allow me to store her fold website files and show the new ones. I am still wishing for a reply but I thought I should big about it cause I found is issue so strange yet smart at the same time in a ‘give me more money’ type of way.

Hosting Complications

Creating an function that would load images and lengthen the height of a container when triggered by a click event

The initial thought was to create a mosaic tile display of the work in my portfolio and create a system that would load images as the height of the container was lengthened so that is would put less strain on the server when the website first loaded on the screen.

I started out looking at lazy loaders.  I found several that all did the same thing but mainly they didn’t load on the screen in the exact way I want ed them to.

I found one on Pandao that I liked but found out that you had to pay for the package so that one was down for the count.

I had an idea in the first place but an article by jQuery.lazy(); helped me think about it in a more practical way that would actually work. Using files or a database that you can grab information from and display when you wanted to. 

In the end all I did was transition the height to add a certain length with an overflow of hidden and problem solved.

Creating an function that would load images and lengthen the height of a container when triggered by a click event

PHP Mailer Again

PHP mailer again.  This time I thought I’ve done this five times now surely nothing can go wrong… Well I would be wrong.  It’s not that it wen t horribly wrong just that is couldn’t work. The mailer couldn’t connect to the mail server and therefore the whole thing went AWAL.

I looked into connection problems (as you do) and I found an article that put the whole $mail = SEVER HOST : … ; into perspective. Really,  the host part makes so much more sense now. The idea of this section is to connect to a database of sorts which allows the mail to pass through to the wanted account. Fake instructed me that it was unwise to rely on just any host sever. That if you did  you are relying on the server to send the emails and this server could crash at any second without your knowledge effectively cancelling your contact serve. So gmail is the way to go evidently.

I’m so please I am starting to understand what PHP mailer actually does. 🙂



PHP Mailer Again

User Testing

After doing some user testing and making them sign a disclosure agreement some design flaws became apparent in the website.

One of the main ones was how distracting the animated lock on the home page became after you clicked on it to get access to the home page.

“I found at first it was mesmerising but after the third time of trying to see the home page and having to wait for the lock it got really irritating.”

With this in mind I sort out a way to solve the issue. I remembered from doco-loco that the rating system was deigned to only be clicked once using local storage. Using this idea I used local storage to store when someone had clicked on the lock so that id would only display once.

This also solved the issue of the lock being a distraction to the site as that was also a topic that was brought up by an interviewee. She said that she felt the lock, while interesting and sent a clear message about security, it made her wait longer for the site to load the home page which she felt was an unnecessary feature. With the local storage in place it solved this problem so every time she went to use this website after her first visit the lock animation was no longer visible.

A good thing that all testers agreed on was that they liked the fact that the information stayed on the main screen as they could see everything that they needed to without having to scroll.

User Testing

Working with Tables and Email

You’d think that because I’d working with email functions four times now that I would know exactly what to do. But apparently a newsletter is only slightly different from a email signature. Setting up the email campaign was simple as I used MailChimp to access the saved emails and send them out, however I still had to make the newsletter and I had no idea what to put in it.

I started looking at sites like Bench Mark EmailYola Marketing Campaigns , and A Beginner’s Guide to Successful Email Marketing with Kissmetricks to get the basic understanding of email campaigns and what is they are trying to achieve.  From what I can gather it seems to have the same motives as a marketing campaign: to gain interest in the company via extra resources outside the website and strives to encourage word of mouth advertising.

Websites like Email on Acid gave a detailed step by step explanation of how to go about creating a email campaign and what you needed to keep in mind while you were designing your newsletter. They also discussed the idea of making your email signature responsive, which I thought was interesting as Emails use the most basic CSS properties with tables that aren’t very responsive if at all.

The blog went on to explain this and said that there is a margin or responsiveness in a table. To make it responsive they set the table and rows to a certain size and then use media screen queries to change that width to make it responsive.

With this in mind I made my whole table and rows 100% width of the screen and that allowed it to be responsive without media screen queries.

Working with Tables and Email

ScrollTop issues when inside a div

For one of my pages I wanted to able to click on an option and the screen to scroll down to the position where more information could be found about it. I had done this before so I knew what to do, only when I copied the code over nothing happen.

I checked to see it the object was being clicked on in the console and it was and I checked to see if I wrote the function wrong by pasting it onto another page and that seems to work too. I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working on this specific page. I even compared it to the function on another working page to see if there was something wrong with the way I wrote my scroll command, still nothing. It wasn’t until  Fae took a look at it and saw that it wasn’t animating the body but the div the information was stored in.  As that was what I wanted to scroll rather than the body of the website.

$(‘.scrollHeight).animate({ scrollTop: target.offset().top }, 130);

After I change the code to animate the div rather than the body the function worked and the page scrolled down to where it needed to be.

ScrollTop issues when inside a div